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As a keen user of public transport, for both work and play, there’s nothing more reassuring than being able to check where my train actually is and how many minutes away. It’s also great when travelling, since it works in Melbourne, Adelaide and a lot more places


While the Twitter app is great, Tweetbot is spot on for ‘power users’, with great things like muting hashtags, people, or even other Twitter apps (horoscopes be-gone!)


Still my go-to to app for catching up on news and blogs from around the web, all the latest articles are in here from my favourite websites, or any that offers an RSS feed


Millions of songs in my pocket makes it easy to find the perfect playlist for here and now – and my music follows me around, from my iPhone, to my Mac, and my PC at work!


It’s the Notes app, on steroids. You can put pretty much anything in OneNote – web clippings, text, voice recordings, photos, handwritten notes – all easily searchable and synced across each of my devices.


Like Spotify, but for movies and TV shows. Plenty of videos to choose from, from more recent TV series, to old classic TV shows and movies. And throwing it up on the ‘big screen’ is only a tap away when you pair it with a Chromecast.

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