eSIM Swap Journeys, Part 2: Telstra

Got a shiny new iPhone, or Android phone you need to move your eSIM across to? Similar to Optus, Telstra also makes easy without having to leave the house thanks to the magic of the My Telstra app. Unlike last year where your only option was a cardboard kit with a QR code either handed to you in store or posted out via snail mail – you can now perform a SIM swap yourself via the app.

Unfortunately this only works for consumer customers, postpaid or prepaid (to be technical, customers in the ‘Siebel’ billing system – if you’re a business customer or a customer in the new Salesforce / Console system, this won’t work for you)

Download the ‘My Telstra‘ app, available for iPhone (+ iPad) and Android, and sign in with your Telstra ID.

Tap on the service you want to swap (either from the ‘Home’ tab, or switch to the ‘Services’ tab) and then scroll down to the bottom, where you’ll see a ‘Transfer or restore eSIM’ option if your service is eligible.

Tapping will check that you’re on the device you wish to transfer it to (which will remind you to change to that device and use the app there…), and also to ensure that you’re connected to WiFi. It’s a good idea, even if it’s not strictly required to work (it’s required If you’re swapping the plastic SIM already in your phone)

Unlike Optus and Vodafone, Telstra provides the additional option of using an email to verify your identity, as opposed to requiring an SMS to the number you’re transferring.

This is perfect in situations like moving from an iPad (which can’t receive SMS messages), or if you’ve lost the device altogether. Either way, you’ll be given a one time 6 digit code to verify it’s really you that’s swapping the number.

Once that’s done, the SIM swap will be processed (similar to Optus, this is treated the same as any other SIM swap – whether from plastic to eSIM, eSIM to eSIM, or SIM to SIM) which can either take a few minutes but could be as long as a few hours.

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