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IT student Beau Giles connects to public wi-fi on his MacBook laptop and iPhone to check emails, but the 18-year-old says the connections are often too slow for more intensive use, such as browsing YouTube and listening to music on Spotify. ”It’s fiddly having to connect, agreeing to terms and conditions, just to check an email,” he says. ”Often the effort isn’t really worth it.’

With a little help from wi-fi – Sydney Morning Herald,  August 12, 2012


Beau Giles, an 18 year old completing his HSC at TAFE told that the iPhone 4S will be his third iPhone in almost as many years.

Samsung Galaxy queues trump iPhone 4S queues – has lining up lost its lustre? –, October 14, 2011


Number three in line, Beau Giles, an HSC student at Randwick TAFE, also admitted being lured to the iPhone 4S by the Siri voice recognition/command system.

Queues form in Sydney for iPhone 4SThe Australian, October 13, 2011


Others, such as BeauGiles, were kinder, saying ”Oh @KKeneally your voice is so dreamy.”

Sex twits caught stalking Premier – Sydney Morning Herald, January 9, 2011


I spoke to Beau Giles, a friend of mine living studying in Australia. I asked him what he wanted out of the [Apple] event…

The next generation Apple – ZDNet, January 6, 2009


I spoke to my good friend Beau Giles, a student living in Australia; spoke to me about entering the IT industry and the choices he’d make

diversITy: can being gay hold your career back?ZDNet, June 23, 2008