The Billboard of Love returns for 2015

Telstra Billboard of LoveIt’s that special time of year again – Valentine’s Day.

And what better way to show that you love that special someone than by a 26 metre high PDA?

The ‘Billboard of Love’ will be running again this year, above Telstra’s flagship Melbourne store located on the corner of Bourke St and Swanston St in Melbourne.

Just send a quick text to 0499 695 683 (or, 0499 MY LOVE) in the format; FIRST NAME [space] [SECOND NAME].

You’ll get a MMS in return showing you how your message will look on the billboard – so you can share your giant valentines day card without having to hang around Bourke & Swanston Street all day.

The billboard is made up of 96×864 pixels (or 82,944 in total) and is powered by Telstra’s own SMS and MMS Access Manager account product. Compiling the images and sending the replies is performed by some custom work, so unfortunately Telstra can’t sell you your own Billboard of Love from off the shelf.

The Billboard of Love will run from 0830 Friday 13th February through to Midnight Sunday 15th February.

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