ANZ goMoney competition giveaway – win a Samsung Galaxy SIII!

ANZ’s goMoney banking app is now on Android, and ANZ is offering my readers the opportunity to win a Samsung Galaxy SIII valued at AU$899.

goMoney app

ANZ goMoney allows users to easily transfer money between friends simply by using their mobile phone number. Some of the key features of the app include a 4 digit login PIN for super easy access to your account, ‘Pay to Mobile’ which allows users to pay anyone using just their Australian mobile number instead of their account details and the ability to transfer money between your ANZ accounts instantly.

To go in the draw to win, just answer the question below:

What’s the most awkward situation you’ve been in, because you’ve forgotten to pay back a mate?

Tell me why you might need the goMoney app to pay back your mates, for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

To learn more about ANZ’s free goMoney app, please visit

Competition ends 5pm Friday 21st of December. Good luck!

Please note; competition is for Australian residents only.

  1. Hey you guys I really want to win this phone and I stay in Brunswick, Georgia. The most awkward situation I had to pay a mate back is when, on the first day of school I seen one of my old school mates from 5th grade and they were like hey Monica remember you still owed me $5.00 from field day and I was like you still remembered that….and I payed her back the next day.

  2. I owed Dave some money but everytime I ran into him I never had quite enough cash to pay him back in full and still have enough for a good night out. So rather then give him just a little bit towards it I gave him nothing.

    This went on for a little while until one day he offered to write it off if I came along to a party for his sister’s new business.

    What I didn’t realise is his sister’s new business was a dating agency in desperate need of men and I was expected to mingle with her clients. I was effectively trapped as Dave had driven me there, I had no idea where we were, and I certainly didn’t have enough for a taxi back. So for several hours I had to make small talk with women twenty to thirty years older than me who kept trying to hit on me.

    I didn’t see Dave anymore after that and I now make make sure to always pay my mates back as quickly as possible. With ANZ goMoney that would even be quicker.

  3. I forgot to pay back my flat mate before he went to work on Monday morning. He didn’t have money for a train ticket, so just didn’t buy one (no gates to go through). He ended up getting picked up by a city rail ticket inspector. So not only did I still have to pay him back, I was also lumped with a fare evasion fine.


  4. The most awkward situation was when I was going to show of Minecraft to some relatives and attempted to join a friends’ server.

    Only problem? I didn’t pay my part so was black-listed for that month. Very awkward.

  5. I owed a friend a fair chunk of money. We drifted apart and didn’t see them & we didn’t keep in touch despite having each other’s phone numbers.

    A few years later I saw them again and felt incredibly guilty and had to arrange to pay them back in instalments which required fussing around making direct deposits each fortnight.

    Having the ANZ goMoney app would have allowed me to quickly and easily make the payments – or perhaps not have forgotten to pay it back in the first place!

  6. I need the ANZ goMoney app so that I can pay back my wife. It’s a little awkward living in the same house and when I see her I have to pretend like I don’t owe her money for all the gadgets that I borrow money off her to buy – eg MacBook Pro in June and now a new Nikon D800. If I had the app then I could probably just transfer the money to her and then not shudder in fear when she will backhand me for not paying her back.

  7. That awkward moment when you forget you owe someone money and you run into them as you’re buying yourself $200 worth of Disney blurays with the remainder of your savings…

  8. I needed to pay a friend back $25.. Every time I saw them.. I only had a fifty dollar note.. I always asked them if they had change for it. They never did.. And I still haven’t payed.. I don’t know if they remember still, haha.

  9. Awkward? That would be the time I owed my flatmate $70. He refused to take out the rubbish until I paid him. And then we had a landlord inspection.

  10. I borrowed money to buy a carton of beer off my roommate, totally forgot about it. The grand final came around and I organised a few mates to come around. I put a carton on ice. When they rocked up the carton was gone, they room mate had taken it for another party. Awkward.

  11. Paying back my mates girlfriend the taxi fare for being picked up at a strip club after a bucks night.
    – Still can’t look her in the eye

  12. Had to send my unemployed Bro $500 in time so he could pay for his lap band surgery and had to rush home to a PC – would have been nice to do it on my mobile there and then and not have to stress if he’d get the money in time to pay for his operation.

  13. “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”… it’s been my mantra since a ‘friend’ duped me. It’s just not worth the angst or lost friendships!

    The only exception was a home loan… 🙁

  14. Not so much me, would be nice to get funds ASAP as I find for some reason my friends think just because I’m the accountant in the group it also makes me a banker that they can simply think they can continue to do balance transfers without actually paying old debt, that open tab that possible gomoney can help settle

  15. That’s not fair. I was a banker myself 30 years ago. And I still have the characteristics of a banker or accountant; you can ask my hubby. 🙂

    I would never not pay my friends their money back. I would not be able to sleep at night. In fact I would not even ask a friend to borrow me some money. I am someone who pays everything before the due date. I think that’s a good thing. Therefore I think it is not fair if I am not allowed to win the phone I want for sooo long but can’t afford to buy.

  16. My best friend (Gemma) and I have mostly differing music tastes. A couple of months ago, one of the few bands we had in common was having a concert, of which she introduced me to, and absolutely loved more than I did. The tickets were moderately expensive and high in demand, and this particular band doesn’t hold many concerts in Sydney, so we were both really excited to go. Once we had tried to buy tickets, it said that they were sold out. On the night before the concert, I checked their Facebook page on a whim and saw that they were offering to sell additional tickets online but that they were limiting the number of tickets sold to one per person.

    Some backstory: Some time before then, I owed Gemma some money because we had planned to both spend money on a farewell gift for a mutual friend who was moving to Queensland and at the time I hadn’t got paid yet and so she said that it was fine and I could pay her back at my own behest.

    Back to the concert: After I paid for my ticket I rang her up to tell her about it. Though excited, she unfortunately informed me that this time it was her that hadn’t gotten paid yet and couldn’t pay for the concert ticket, so she duly requested that I pay for her ticket. I then explained to her the one ticket per person dilemma. She ended up being unable to go, as the tickets sold out quickly once again shortly after I called her. What made it worse was that on the night after the concert, they had a spontaneous signing event and I got a poster and cd personally signed by the members of the band.

    To this very day there has been awkward tension between Gemma and I because of what happened. Might I have had access to the ANZ goMoney app, I perhaps could have and easily transferred off money to her account quickly enough before the tickets sold out again and we would have gone to the concert together, as we had originally planned. :/

  17. My friend paid for a hotel room when I was caught out – in about 2008. Totally forgot about it until now. Jokes on her – she’s stopped taking to me!

  18. I was a bit short for a birthday present for Mum so borrowed $100 off Dad. I bought her a $50 Gift Voucher. Dad told her about the loan. She wasn’t impressed I’d kept the other $50…I wish there’d been a Black Hole to swallow me up. Even better a Galaxy to fill that Black Hole!!

  19. I always pay my debts, that’s the way I am I can’t rest if I owe a friend money. I can think of a time a friend borrowed money off me to pay for a holiday and I eventually had to ask for it back and she seemed disgruntled, it was very awkward and affected the relationship. Perhaps with the goMoney App I could have sent her reminders and asked for part payments. Getting caught out and borrowing money is a part of life and we tend to be forgetful, but this can affect relationships if one person is waiting for that money and thinks the other person has forgotten/doesn’t care. I think the app could be a relationship saver personally!

  20. Arrived at a B&B after trecking around Australia and they’d been emailing me to arrange payment. Of course I hadn’t got the email and so I arrived at the place at 10pm with no cash and no way of getting a bed for the night. Thankfully a mate lived close by and brought over some cash.

    I promised to take him out to the City but time got away from me and I forgot but I then promised to put him up when he next visited me out of state… but I didn’t answer his message when he was coming over.

    I’m told I’m disorganised – hope he realises that and doesn’t think he’s never going to be rewarded! Or maybe he isn’t – oops!

  21. Awkward…
    Having my sister in law help me book a hotel room for my birthday (she was working at a corporate travel agency), then getting a phone call from my brother at 11pm a few weeks after the holiday reminding me to pay them because they needed the money to pay for an airfare for their holidays.
    (They’re not that well off financially either so paid that one back quick smart).

  22. Never used the app, so I don’t know what it’s like to pay money back, but a mate helped out once when funds were low by leaving money in the glove box for fuel. He’s running low himself these days due to circumstance, and I’d like to be able to return the favour.

  23. A couple of years ago I borrowed $50 off a mate for a night out and never quite got around to paying him back. After a couple of months I had pretty much forgot about it until we were out at another mates place having a swim in his pool. I got out to have a shower and found that all my clothes were gone. He told me that I wouldn’t get them back until I paid him back. Lets just say I had an interesting walk home that day. Haha.

  24. I never carry cash so I’d have to grab a mate to cover my cost of going out, then I’d forget to pay them back and awkwardly grab another mate to pay them back and cover my accrued cost for the day.

    It’s like using a credit card to pay off another credit card. I’m still in debt.

  25. I ended up borrowing $40 from a friend one night, and, as it occurs, I never got around to paying him back.

    A few weeks later he texted me saying to come and meet him for a feed after work. I got into the city and met him at his workplace. I went inside and he started showing me around. It was a very interesting “office”. He led me down a dark corridor and showed me a cold, dark alcove. I stepped inside and he closed the door on me. Here I was, stuck in a small, dank, dark and somewhat intimidating room. With a cheeky grin and a sparkle in his eye he told me that I am staying there until I paid him back his money. I was lucky enough to have mobile reception and managed to transfer the funds to his account.

    All the while he was laughing and joking along. After I told him I had transferred it he let me out – he signed off and we went out for a feed.

    He worked at the Old Melbourne Gaol.

  26. Whenever a friend of mine comes to town, we meet for breakfast at our favourite cafe.
    They don’t split bills, and you can’t order separately.
    The second last time we were there, neither of us had cash to pay the other so he popped it on his credit card.
    We met again a couple of weeks ago, and he insisted that I had paid for last time, when I knew damned well I hadn’t, but well, he had an expensive breakfast and I had a muffin. Justification right?
    We are meeting again this weekend but only for coffee, so even if I pay, I still won’t be square. Not sure whether to come clean or not. I can’t avoid as I enjoy catching up.
    Hope you don’t read this Ben!

  27. I think I’d just want to win this, so I can give it to my friend whom doesn’t own a smart phone so he can pay me back the hundreds he owes me and not have an excuse.

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